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​                ACADEMICS

Three Levels of Education 
The ABC's of Art:
Learning the Basics of Academic Art

Children aged 9 and up.




Drawing in primary and secondary levels.


-Methods of work with a variety of graphic materials.

-Drawing geometric objects, ornaments and classical sculptures such as Michael Angelo’s, David.

-How to draw in perspective.

-Different types of pencil strokes and styles.



Introducing color and paint as a medium.


-Color pencils, watercolor and acrylic.

-Still life painting, landscapes, portraits and decorative art.



These lessons are for middle school students who want to continue their art education in specialized high schools for art.

We will prepare students for auditions to high schools such as LaGuardia and Frank Sinatra. Admission criteria is based on academic grades, audition and the portfolio review.

We can assist with audition preparation and building a strong portfolio given enough time to prepare (at least 3 semesters).


Portfolio preparation for:

Depending on where you want to apply, you will be competing with hundreds or even thousands of talented young people for a spot.

If you have a strong portfolio, you may get a substantial or full scholarship.

We are offering classical training for drawing and painting with a variety of media. Computer design with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator will be included for those students who apply for art colleges with design programs. This is a necessary part in the college portfolio because some of the colleges such as FIT want you to have a portion of your portfolio based on the specialization in which you will apply to such as fashion design, textile, graphics etc. Also, in addition to teaching technical skills, we can guide you in finding your own personal artistic style.

Private, or small group classes are for current high school students looking for portfolio preparation for art and design oriented colleges such as:

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